Louisville Turf kings began with a dream and a vision to be the kings of the turf. We knew it would take hard work and dedication to become your number one choice for lawn maintenance. Here at Louisville Turf Kings, we are truly passionate about making sure you are highly satisfied with our work and our keen sense of detail. The key to our success is not just about making your lawn beautiful but making sure that you are extremely satisfied with our services. We believe what truly sets us apart is our friendly customer service and our love for lawn care. It is known that you could pick any company in Louisville, but we guarantee if you choose us for your lawn maintenance, you will not regret calling the kings of the turf!

    If you believe that Louisville Turf Kings can help you with any or all of these situations, please call us at, 502-337-2863 or schedule an appointment for a free quote at louisvilleturfkings.com, Thanks!

    Areas covered:

    Prospect, Westport Road, Goshen, St. Matthews, Glen View, Brownsboro Road, River Road